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Our product line cover the major processes of geological exploration . From the ground geophysical exploration , coring drilling, well drilling and chemical analysis of minerals.we produce many product fully applied in Geotechnical Engineering (Engineering Survey,Anchoring Drilling ,Jet-grouting Drilling ,Soil investigation and Construction ),Exploration Core drilling (Wire line Core drilling,Reverse circulation drilling), Water well drilling ,Shallow oil and gas energy exploration, Oil exploration tool(Sucker Rod,API Friction Welding Drill Rods) ,Geophysical instruments( Metal&Non-metallic mineral resource exploration instruments,Coal exploration instruments,Uranium exploration instruments,Oil and gas exploration instruments,Water well exploration instruments,Military geophysical exploration instrument),Industry Analysis Instruments (Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Liquid Chromatography Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy,Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Plasma Emission Spectrometer) etc.

CLIENTSMainly engaged in domestic and international market development, sales and services, import and export business, and international economic and technical cooperation of complete drilling equipments...

SERVICESWe have a high-quality R&D team with rich experiences of products development, related to the fields of electric, mechanic, hydraulic and air control. There is the most advanced 3D platform of research...

PROJECTS1. Prospecting: extensively involved in geological and hydrogeology survey.
2. Water Supply: providing the professional service for hydrogeology engineering construction(water well and geothermal well)...

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